This Precious Life

(notes from Sunday 19th April 2020) Today has been a truly joyful day.  I awoke at 6am which is later than usual and felt rested and positive when I woke up.  I’ve noticed that my mind can be quite agitated and negative in a morning and sometimes up to thirty minutes has passed since wakingContinue reading “This Precious Life”

Life in Lockdown

Well it’s been a while – hey?!  I’m not really sure why it has been so long but I feel if I don’t write something soon I might never write again!  Just kidding, but to say I’m staying in the “Writers Cottage” there hasn’t been a lot of blogging going on although I have beenContinue reading “Life in Lockdown”

Choices – Step out, Surrender or Suffer

In my limited experience so far of travelling in India I can only describe it politely as “interesting”. In the seven weeks I’ve been here I’ve travelled by bus, train, taxi and tuk tuk, oh and by camel too! I’ve previously taken internal flights and I’ve yet to experience motor biking and cycling. What toContinue reading “Choices – Step out, Surrender or Suffer”


Hope Seen and read,Contagious like a disease,Defiant to dread,Given to be seized,Hope. Inspiring like a god,Given from a smile,Made to do good,Gathered like a horders pile,Together as strong as a missile,Hope. Capable to take an armed forceSmall as an ant,Strong as an iron horse,Sprouting continuously like a plant,Hope. Able to make you do anything,Impossible becomesContinue reading “Hope”

A joyful day with Indiability

On the 31st January whilst the UK prepared to leave the European Union, as a total contrast, I was fortunate to be in the welcoming embrace of a truly inclusive community where a sense of connection and belonging is at the heart of all that they do. As I arrived at SKSN school, near Jodhpur,Continue reading “A joyful day with Indiability”