Seen and read,
Contagious like a disease,
Defiant to dread,
Given to be seized,

Inspiring like a god,
Given from a smile,
Made to do good,
Gathered like a horders pile,
Together as strong as a missile,

Capable to take an armed force
Small as an ant,
Strong as an iron horse,
Sprouting continuously like a plant,

Able to make you do anything,
Impossible becomes possible,
Maybe you want the best bling,
Anything can be purchasable.

But maybe moneys not your thing,
Any dream can come true,

So next
Time you need help,
Look for the hope inside of you,
Theres no need to whelp,
When you have hope.

Poem by Felix Milnor (my nephew aged 12)


Published by lisa milnor

Surrendering to love.... The plan? No plan! The heart open to infinite possibilities and adventure. Shedding layers. Experiencing freedom and flow. A nomadic journey to joy 😍

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